Lyrical Genuis’


It is irrefutable to say that we all have some kind of outlet when it comes to shit hitting the fan. Arguably I have many outlets where I am able to keep my emotions at bay; hiking, talking a walk, the sporadic glorious house of gainz getting the sickest pump, spending one on one time with the people I love and care about, the list goes on and on and on. My biggest outlet from what I have learned in search of myself is music and live music (shows/concerts). I can easily say that I have attended many concerts and like to say that my genre of music is diverse as the Bay Area. But what really gets me moving is one of my favorite bands in the extreme music scene, Counterparts. To them, I owe them a lot for not only the sick breakdowns I mosh to in my apartment and at their shows, but most importantly piecing the words that I can never say..

Counterparts is a band primarily from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Who knew that one of my favorite bands would be from the land of Maple Leaves, eh?

Anyways, I have seen this band 6 times throughout my 5 years of going to shows. The first time I saw them was in Oakland 3 years ago at the Oakland Metro, one of my favorite venues in the Bay Area. The second time last year in San Francisco at the Great American Music Hall, the third and fourth time were back-to-back Vans Warped Tour dates in the Summer of ’17: Mountain View and San Diego, fifth time in San Francisco at the Regency Ballroom 2 months ago, and lastly, the sixth time in Berkeley at the Cornerstone Brewery just a few days shy of May. Seems like that I’ve caught these guys for a good amount of time throughout those 5 years, right? I have taken an interest in these guys but not as much as I thought I would now.. Man, I wish I was a dedicated fan during the 2011-2014 years..


The only reason why they are any relevant now in my life is because of the real, honest, accessible lyrics.. During my state of depression from January to even now (to be honest), they have been my go-to band for whatever bad feeling I was ravaged by. Most of my statements are pulled from their lyrics that all the band members have wrote in their songs. The confiding feeling reassures me of why I feel the way I feel and that someone who has gone through Hell, feeling the same feelings as me, gives me the gentle reminder that I am not alone in this world even though I feel that I am most of the time. A majority of their lyrics deal with a dark imagery of self-worth, the loss of loved ones and oneself, loneliness, abuse, the list goes on. Ironic that something so lyrically negative is my catharsis in my own world of chaos? It sounds like they can be the contributing factor that triggers my emotions, but they’re not, it’s more than that. Yes, whatever they have in their songs can come off as negative and depressing but I’ve learned to be ok with it because of the emotional tension and anger it feeds off. The raw energy is just what I need.


Counterparts holds a special place in my heart. No matter what sound they drift to, the shows I have attended and will attend in the nearby future, Counterparts forever. Hats off to these lyrical genius’.

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