Spiritual Focus


As many know, it’s obvious that 50% of my arms are covered in permanent ink in a variety of beautiful colors and tattoo designs. When I first started getting tattoos, I only had one goal: strictly and ONLY get American Traditional style tattoos. Most of them can be viewed as a old school, cartoon styled form of art which I can attest to. Personally this style of tattoo has drawn a huge interest in me not because it’s closest associated with those in my music scene, but for the beautiful art and design of them. Primarily the only reason why I got them through flash designs is because of the liking and appreciation of the artwork itself even though I constantly was getting shitted on for it not having absolute meaning… However, out of the 13 tattoos I have, 2 in mind do have significant meaning that I hold dear to.

I have been giving this a lot of thought when deciding what next tattoos I’ve been wanting to get. Aoife urged me to at least get something with a value behind it, so, I took her suggestion into consideration and went through with it. Through her suggestions, I got the most beautiful tattoos I have: Mandala Flowers.

I got these tattoos located on both of my elbows and man.. Did the life leave my soul during the tattoo process.. These flowers hold more than just a specific design and factual meaning behind its realness. Simply, I got these not only because they are beautiful, but for more of a personal wellness. As researching on these flowers, I learned that many religious and spiritual interpretations are shown at hand. For someone who has lost faith in religion, I however did not lose my spirituality (or at least I hope I haven’t). Through my interpretation, these flowers heal through a spiritual and mental barrier. They bring me back to a sense of reality and the focus. These last few months I had felt that I lost myself in a disconnect; with being as an RA, school, the people that I love, and myself. I was wearing a coward’s mask written in “courage”. I was launched into a sea of depression and fell under the cracks of mental slavery. I still feel that way in most cases; however I will be getting the professional help that I need which I will talk about later.

I’m sure that Mandala Flowers are personal for those who seek it more than just the art form itself; I do give credit that its spirituality defines the deep focus of life. They are personal to me and only a few select people I hold close to know some kind of meaning behind it.


“Let a garden and a set of flowers grow between yourself and whatever Hell you encounter. Give yourself the honest reminder to heal even in pervaded spaces of harm and apprehensiveness. In the love that you live without, remain untethered and give that endearment effortlessly.”

The best reasoning I can possibly at best explain about these pieces of art.

These are inspired by my own mental health. For my favorite band, Counterparts whose lyrics resonate with me.  For my everlasting healing process that is a work in progress. This is for my Spiritual Focus.

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