Two Souls

I’ll never forget the earlier years of my college endeavor, especially up to now. Before I got involved working for Student Housing I wouldn’t have come to think that this department would bring me close to many people that I hold dear to. Specifically, two people have made a huge impact on me these past few months in particular. Ironically, they are both in Greek Life Organizations in the same sorority. Who knew that these two individuals would have made such a huge impact on my life for the better.

At first, I made quick judgements based on the reputation that Greek Life holds as a whole: partying, enough beer cans/bottles to make stain glassed windows at churches, sexual assaults/rape, khaki shorts and Sperry shoes, valley girls, the list goes on. As ending my 4th year here, I’ve learned that those hasty assumptions are not all true. I’ve grown and learned to work with people in that community who turn out to be some of the greatest people I know and love.


This person I became close with my 4th year of college is Clara. She was my Resident Assistant for the first quarter of my 2nd year and sure enough she had to move to another area. Years pass and I would remember seeing her my 3rd year here and there living in the library and tackling her nursing school work. 4th year hits and we both became RA’s in the same department but in different areas. More library instances happened to the point where we found each other studying together doing our own classwork. Oddly enough we hung out more and more other than just the library and we eventually became close.

Every food run, laughing about the unnecessary, inside jokes, always reminded me of the dry humor and inner dad jokes that I have potential of. Every hang out was 99% of these instances.

I consider her ‘Daily’ because of the frequent hang outs and time together we spend on a day-to-day basis and she does the same. Clara and I became close other than just stupid jokes and laughs: we found ourselves in serious conversations at times where they became genuine and different from others, especially the conversations of my depression, but not as in depth as I share. Now, she has graduated from undergrad with a Bachelor’s in Nursing. I cannot stress enough how proud of a Daily I am and how sad I am now that we won’t be working alongside together.. Though she may have graduated and I will no longer be seeing her as frequent, she will always be a Daily to me, a Daily that I love very much.





I remember this day vividly. It was the week of Thanksgiving break on a Monday over at Tierra Mia in Oakland. Aimee was raving how great of a place it is so we had our coffee date here and it was our first 1 on 1 in months.. An overdue one that we both desperately needed.

This is Aimee, someone that is very special to me and like no other person I have met here at East Bay. I met Aimee during FDA training in September ’16, we paired up for an activity exercise because everyone else seemed to have paired up so we looked over and smiled at each other and did the activity together. From 3rd year we were coworkers but were able to work night shifts together sporadically.. We would see each other on a seldom basis and had a class together. By the 4th year we were able to lock in more time spent along with having a class together.

Ever since this year, our relationship has blossomed to something beautiful that I wouldn’t have come to think of. Aimee continues to have this happy, upbeat, and positive personality that I rarely see nowadays. It would physically and mentally pain me to see her hurt because how can a big ball of sunshine be an emotional bean the next?

The role of being an RA has taught me multiple things from this person; but one important thing that I learned from Aimee is the value of spending 1 on 1 time no matter who it is. Every 1 on 1 we got to spend together has always had a great outcome; just getting coffee, food, or the simple visits at her work always made my day brighter and happier. Matter of fact, just seeing Aimee for a brief moment would instantly change a bad day into a great one. Her smile would always leave a huge smile on mine and my heart which is what everyone should see in a person.

If it wasn’t for Aimee, I honestly wouldn’t know where I would be to this day.. In the world of being an RA, it is mandated in the contract to have weekly 1 on 1’s with our supervisors. I implemented this idea for Aimee and I but differently. Our 1 on 1’s consisted of laughs, heart to heart conversations, and even moments where tears were shed through hearing one another about their passions, through serious instances, and so on. She would always listen to me no matter what I had to say; whether it would be good or bad, she never passed any harsh judgement to me. She has always given me the words of encouragement and advice in the most endearing way possible. If it wasn’t for Aimee, I would forget how to keep a calm manner within myself even forget to check back in and most of all be in touch with my emotions.


To wrap this up, both are equally wonderful in their own unique image. They are brave, courageous, down-to-earth young ladies that I love. Both of them have been there for me through perilous situations hearing the same stories but have given me different viewpoints making such immense impacts on my life in different ways, and I cannot thank them enough for letting me grow with them and mending me through my own war.. Who knew that two important individuals would come from a stigmatized culture who turned out to be the most sweetest, caring, and admirable people I know?

Clara, thank you for everything and the mom humor you always through at me even when I don’t laugh at your jokes 50% of the time. You taught me how to be a better thinker for myself and to let things happen naturally along with living in the moment.

Aimee, thank you also for everything.. For always listening to me no matter what I had to say. I know I had come down more with negative thoughts this past year but you were always the one to make something negative flipped to a positive side. Thank you for teaching me the value of 1 on 1 time and giving me the drive to become a better listener. Thank you for reassuring me and showing me the gentle reminders of my emotions.

I love you both with all my heart and I want you to know that I’m trying my best to be a better person..

I am forever grateful for life letting these two souls cross my path.


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