The Love of Quality Time

If it’s one thing about me, it’s that I LOVE spending quality time with people. This can be a 1 on 1 interaction at our favorite coffee or boba shop, or even a group setting indulging in delicious Korean barbecue and taking shots of soju. Though these are some of my own personal experiences, I favor more of the 1 on 1 aspect because it has more of an intimate feel to it.

I remember having a 1 on 1 with my direct supervisor in the Student Housing Department of my college. These 1 on 1’s are not only mandatory, but my supervisor makes it best to have it intimate to where it doesn’t feel forced and having to direct every issue dealing with residents about policy violations in Housing or maintenance issues/requests due to the condition of the apartment complex. These 1 on 1’s are the opportunities to be human and voice such concerns about our own lives.

I took this idea but implemented it with the people that I love & care about. Every 1 on 1 spent with a different person has an outcome of new positive emotions that transpire as well as feelings that gravitate towards stronger feelings of love & care. These moments are the time where undivided, uninterrupted attention is dedicated towards this person, and this also applies to the other party. When you are giving them that time, you are giving them those moments where you will never get back and showing that they are worth that sacrifice. That’s the beautiful thing about life, is that we allow to let these people in our lives and allow ourselves to dedicate that love for them using quality time. Even with a multitude of demands in the 24 hour time frame of each day, we do best to be able to work accordingly around our schedules and are willing to make those sacrifices without ever having to think twice. It’s a refreshing feeling knowing that you and that one person are sharing thus making a recollection that you can take down memory lane.

Quality time comes in different forms, such as doing an activity that one party enjoys while the other partakes in that interest. Even if having no sense of the given action, do best to question it, show deep interest, this knows that you’re willing to put in a loving effort of showing them that you love and care about them.

My boss and I share the same philosophy: “people that you love & care about come first.” I stand by this statement to the fullest extent. Ending on a good note, if you are willing to make those enormous sacrifices that require effortless planning, money, and more, you are showing that person that they are worth it. That in the end, they are worth everything.

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