Looking Bright Ahead in 2019



It’s a new year, which means more significant challenges, warm experiences, and lessons that will be. So far my 2019 has been off to a content start, to say the least. I have already made great plans with friends during the first week of the new year along with planned events in the nearby future! So, with that being said, I’m excited to share some of the beautiful experiences that have happened and will happen! (The picture of Cobie the Corgi exemplifies how 2019 has been for me so far.

My choice and flow of words of this post may be disorderly with grammar and not how I originally wanted it to be, but it’s early morning, and I got very little sleep last night lol. So, please bear with me

I flew back into the Bay Area last Thursday night arriving at Oakland International Airport. I was visiting my family back home in Southern California where my other family from across the pond (United Kingdom) visited my family for the first time. There, I met my cousin, cousin in law, and my niece and nephew who do not drift far away from my age. But anyways, I took BART and AC Transit back to my apartment when leaving the airport because no way did I want to spend twenty plus dollars for a hefty priced Lyft ride (haha). The next day I made plans to catch up with my friend Mary where we indulged in vegan food in Berkeley over at The Butcher’s Son. We caught up on gossip where she feeds me all the drama that tends to flow around the Bay Area Hardcore scene along with her issues as well. Later that day, I did errands all over Union City to try and come up with thoughtful gifts to buy for Destine and Aimee’s birthday.

Fast forward to the next week, yesterday Monday evening, I caught up with my other friend Aoife and took her to the Hello Kitty Cafe for the first time over in San Jose. We headed over to Cheesecake Factory first for dinner, and it wasn’t the greatest due to the food being so heavy and greasy which resulted in me feeling ridiculously anxious for the duration of the night (I’m surprised I was even remotely okay to drive back home). So far these are some of the few events that have made the first week of 2019 wonderful

Now, with some of the planned activities ahead, today, I will also be catching up with my long time friend and old coworker from Hot Topic, Kayla. We haven’t seen each other since we went to a Hardcore show in Cupertino and that was back in April last year…

Tomorrow will be on the heavier side: it will be my grandma’s third year of passing on to the next life. I distinctly remember the whole day as if it was yesterday and how it left the biggest hole in my heart. I had asked Destine to come along with me on this tough day, but more-so so that she can meet and spend a few minutes with her. I want my grandma to know how much of an impact Destine has made on me in the last couple of months of the 2018 year. It has been two in half years since I last visited my Grandma and I’m not sure of how the outcome will be but having someone there with me will relieve those unsure feelings.

This Sunday, my friend Alexa from San Diego will be visiting me for a few days. Since it’ll be raining half of her visit, I’m not sure there’s much we can cover for the duration of her stay, Coffee shops are definitely the go-to spots to take her to, but I can only hope for the best of what else is yet to come!

Destine’s birthday is coming up this month on the 27th, and I’m beyond excited to see her turn twenty! I spent a lot of time pondering on what gifts to buy her to show her what I know best of what she likes yet also show her how much I love her. During my visit down in Southern California, I visited San Diego with my twin brother along with my niece and nephew and picked up a few things that I’m excited to give to her including some of the gifts that I ordered online and bought up here in the Bay Area. She tells me to stop buying her gifts, but little does she know that there’s a few more to come (hehehehe).

Now, with this later event, I thought of in spur of the moment, the fact that I’m beyond ecstatic for. This April I will be taking Destine and me to a Water Lantern Festival in San Jose. Initially, I was surfing the internet looking for lantern festivals where people are allowed to launch lanterns up in the sky. Talk about them magical Tangled vibes, right? Unfortunately they didn’t have any of those experiences; however, I came across a link that listed out as a Water Lantern Festival. As doing research, reading the significance of these festivals, lurking on Instagram, watching YouTube videos, I was enthralled of how beautiful it was.. After a handful of minutes of critical thoughts, I decided to go and ask Destine to come and experience this kind of opportunity with me. I ended up buying us tickets, one for her as her early birthday present. Ultimately, my goal for the both of us to experience something new and existent for something that only happens once every year utilizing engaging in peace, hope, exploring happiness and comfort, bringing healing to each other, most importantly be present in our love for each other. When the festival does happen, I will make a post documenting the whole experience.

Now then, what is the whole gist of this post? These are just a few events that have occurred and will occur in the nearby future that I wanted to share with you. Primarily, I’m looking bright ahead of the year in hopes to encounter ‘the now’ through the moments and beautiful events that life feeds me with the company of good friends.

Thanks for reading this and have a blessed New Year!

– Josh

*whips and inserts song “Living My Best Life” by Lil Duval (feat. Snoop Dogg and Ball Greezy) hahaha


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