Summer 2019 and The Ride

My days remain numbered for Summer ’19, and it’s only a matter of time until RA training starts with move-in day and the academic school year. However, I must confirm that this was an eventful season with much downtime for myself. I’ll explain further about the plans and how I was able to at least “heal” in a matter of two months combined.

After the class of 2019 graduated in May, I made the decision a few months back to stay up here in the Bay Area and work for my school’s Housing Department. In all honesty, I was more anxious than ready only because I worked the same job back in Summer ’17, and that was a mix up of frustration and tedious work. What I learned from that experience is to not work on & off with different timings. Preferably set me up for a fixed schedule. In doing so, that’s what I did. Besides the work being tedious again this year, I found myself working better and harder (in the right way). I also found myself taking more downtime in terms of R&R for what I deserve.

The downtime I took for myself was finding solace by merely being by myself with the simple little joys of life. I drank more coffee than I usually spend a lot of my time, money, effort, and healing in different coffee shops around the Bay Area. Believe it or not, I have visited seventeen independent local coffee shops! I’ve mentioned previously that coffee shop cultures offer a plethora of options for the individual(s). I was given the space to blog, read, take time for myself, regenerate my body, and even take individuals to engage in unique dialogue. My evenings consisted of walks/hiking (with the occasional heavy weightlifting at the gym), where public spaces gave me open area to roam as I pleased.

What took over for the grand offering of mindfulness was the book “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. I read one agreement at one coffee shop and read the other one at a different one, and so on until I finished the agreements listed. I’m not going to go in specifics about the book due to the grocery list of in-depth pertinent information. However, I will say this I was in complete awe and mindblown of how everything is explained and comes in full circle.

In conclusion, this was the time that served me for me, myself, and I where I didn’t dwell on irrational thinking as much as I did in past seasons. It became immensely supportive in terms of trying to navigate the small measure of peace that I am still searching for

I’m hitting the Jordan year soon on the first day of RA training, and I’m excited to see everyone and meet new individuals!

Thank you, Summer ’19, for allowing me to find some healing within. You have granted me so much in so little time that I will never forget.

– Josh

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