Coffee Shop Talks

A discussion of coffee

Hello world, just thought I’d share my two cents on a new addition of a blog. If any of you are into coffee, conversations, coffee-related accessories, then you may want to stop what you’re doing and give this a read (hahaha). So, thanks again for bearing with me!

fullsizeoutput_1264(Reveille Coffee: San Francisco, CA)

fullsizeoutput_1279(Devout Coffee: Fremont, CA)

As some may know (others may not know entirely) one of my favorite adult things to do is visit coffee shops while indulging in their drinks. Though some days I prefer the solitude for self-reflection, other days make me crave more than just that. Specifically, enjoying conversations with an individual while engaging in dialogue through sips of hot lattes (or iced if you roll that way) in a downtown setting such as San Francisco.

fullsizeoutput_1290.jpeg(1951 Coffee Company: Berkeley, CA)

IMG_7220.JPG(The Early Bird Coffee: Hayward, CA)

For those that can reciprocate through past experiences at coffee shops, you can all agree to some extent. Here, you’ll find a diverse set of people in these places. Hipsters on veganism or music, business people, rambling about their stock portfolios, techies on bragging rights about company sales, Instagram bloggers that are taking hundreds of pictures to get the perfect shot for their feed, or just regular individuals merely wanting to grab a cup of coffee. Sounds like a business scheme to be honest. Although the reality of all is from observed occurrences, this, however, gives a vast opportunity to share and engage with people that are prone to¬†make everlasting memories.

Spaces like these offer a designated area for the right reasons: bustling environment of city life, meet with friends, inspiration to work productively and get the creative juices flowing, dates, a quick pick-me-up to power through the day, heal on a mental note, even a space to collect and rejuvenate the soul.

In doing so also stems from the Love of Quality Time with people. From this, I resonate with wholeheartedly for the fact that the atmosphere of hot beverages and genuine conversations are ultimately timeless and unmatched. The willingness to spend a few hours with someone through uninterrupted time consisting of laugh attacks, warm but focused eye contact, authentic hand to hand touches of reassurance, even platonic love, solidify the refined shared emotions of human wellness.

I love coffee and have no issue in trading in my hard earned money and investing my time specifically to local coffee shops in support versus the corporates that stray away from the values of these kinds of spots given. The culture of Coffee Shop Talks will forever be a favorite past time of mine and will continue to serve as an esteemed staple in my life. I hope that any of you can have a take away from this and enjoy it as one of life’s greatest gifts rather than looking at it as a business tactic from businesses.

So, the next time you all visit a coffee shop with a friend, think back to this and take it for what it is and one of life’s greatest gifts.